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The History of Croquet

     The origins of croquet are a little cloudy. Some believe that it developed from the French game of Pall Mall. What is known is that the game traveled from Ireland to England around 1851. 
     At first, croquet was most popular among women. It was a new experience for them to be able to play a game outdoors in the company of men. Early games of croquet were carefully chaperoned. Tight croquet, which was the practice of putting a foot on the ball & sending the opponent far away into the bushes, allowed the young men to go into the bushes with the young women to search for the ball. The game's popularity grew in the 1860's where garden parties began to be called croquet parties.
     Walter Jones Whitmore was a man who loved to play games & create inventions. In 1860 he took up the game of croquet. He soon realized that there were no tactics or standard rules so in 1866 he began a series of three articles on croquet tactics. Whitmore is considered the father of modern croquet.
     In July, 1877, the first lawn tennis championship was held at Wimbledon. Croquet began to decline as tennis grew & proved itself to be more of a money maker. While croquet was on the decline in England, it was beginning to be the latest rage in America. It was suggested that it matched the spirit of a young, aggressive, achievement minded country. It was introduced as an Olympic sport in the 1900 Paris games & at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis it was won by an American but the game was never played in the Olympics again.
     By the 1960's, croquet caught on seriously in the United States. The Palm Beach Invitational is still being played today & is the longest running tournament in the country.

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Visit our Croquet court conveniently located on the front grounds of the Casino right by the fountain!
Check in at the Main Hotel front desk for all the information.

Dress Code
Please no swimsuits, cut offs, jogging wear, tube tops or tank tops.
Shoes are required.
We recommend tennis/running shoes.
Bare feet, heels & sandals are prohibited for safety reasons.

Equipment Rental
Croquet equipment is offered for rental to our guests free of charge.
All rented equipment must be returned to RSCR immediately after play concludes.
All details will be given when you sign up for your equipment.

We hope you wil enjoy our Croquet court!