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CRAPS NO MORE is a variation on the most exciting game in any casino Craps. Craps No More is the ultimate fun & exciting Craps experience. No losing Pass Line wagers on the Come-Out Roll "7" is a winner & any other number becomes the "point", even 2, 3, 11 or 12, which are tradiitionally not "points" in Craps.

A.) PASS LINE: An Even Money bet. On the first roll, the "Come-Out Roll", you win on 7. Any other number becomes your point. If the shooter rolls the point before a 7, you win. If he rolls a 7 before the point, you lose, & the dice are passed on to the next player. Once the point is established, Pass Line Bets may not be removed or reduced. They may, however, be increased.

B.) COME BETS: An Even Money bet. At any time after the point is established, you may bet on the next roll of the dice by placing your wager on the Come Line. If 7 rolls, you win. Any other number becomes your "Come Point" & the wager is moved to the number. If the "Come Point" rolls before a 7, you win. If a 7 rolls before the "Come Point", you lose. Once the wager is on a number, Come Bets may not be removed or reduced, but may be increased.

C.) FIELD: A one-roll bet. If 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 is rolled on the next roll of the dice, you win even money. If 2 rolls, it pays two-to-one & if 12 rolls it pays three-to-one. If 5, 6, 7, 8 rolls, you lose.

Before proceeding further, we recommend that the novice player try their hand at the easy-to-understand bets that have been discussed to this point. This will allow the player to clarify any points of confusion by working with the dealer on a live game. Only when the player is completely familiar & comfortable with these bets should they continue to Phase II of the gaming guide.

D.) ODDS: Players may "take" odds on Flat Bets on the Pass Line & on Come Bets after they have been established as point numbers. Odds are bets in addition to the Flat Bets in any amount up to the table odds maximum. All odds may be removed or reduced at any time. Ask your dealer for maximum Odds Bets allowed.

E.) PROPOSITION BETS: One-roll bets. Players may bet on any roll of the dice. "Any Craps" (2, 3, 12) pay seven-to-one, 3 or 11 pay fifteen-to-one, & 2 or 12 pay thirty-to-one. Any 7 pays four-to-one. A "Horn" bet consists of 2, 3, 11, 12 & pays three-to-one if 3 or 11 rolls & pays 6.75-to-one if 2 or 12 rolls. All Proposition Bets are placed & paid by the Stickman.

F.) HARDWAY BETS: A bet that the shooter will roll a specific number - 4, 6, 8 or 10 - withnpairs (identical spots on each dice) before he rolls a 7 or that number with any other combination than a pair. Hardway 6 & 8 pay nine-to-one; Hardway 4 & 10 pay seven-to-one. All Hardway Bets are placed & paid by the Stickman. They may be made or removed at any time.

Once again, before proceeding to Phase lll we recommend that the player go to the Craps No More Game to clarify & be familiar with the newly acquired knowledge. Once the player is comfortable with the bets discussed prior to this point, the player should continue to Phase lll to complete their knowledge of the game.

G.) PLACE BETS: If you wish to bet that the shooter will throw a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 before throwing a 7, have the dealer place your wager on the number or numbers of your choice. Place Bets can be made or removed at any time. 2 & 12 pay eleven-to-two, 3 & 11 pay eleven-to-four, 4 & 10 pay nine-to-five, 5 & 9 pay seven-to-five & 6 & 8 pay seven-to-six.

H.) BUY BETS: Buy Bets are the same as Place Bets except you receive true & correct odds in exchange for paying a 5% commission on a winning wager. 2 & 12 pay six-to-one, 3 & 11 pay three-to-one, 4 & 10 pay two-to-one, 5 & 9 pay three-to-two, 6 & 8 pay six-to-five. You may make or remove a Buy Bet at any time. Place Bets in the same amount of $20 or greater on the 2, 3, 11 & 12 are automatically considered Buy Bets.