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Spanish 21

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An exciting, fast-paced version of regular Blackjack (21).

Spanish 21 is played with a deck consisting of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Jack, Queen, King, & Ace...no 10s! Basic Blackjack rules apply, but the fun begins with... Match Play...Bonuses...Super Bonus and Late Surrender rules.

Player Blackjack always beats Dealer's Blackjack and pays odds of 3/2.


If a Player is dissatisfied with his first two cards, he may surrender instead of 'taking a hit' or 'standing', thereby forfeiting ½ of the original bet and removing himself from the current round of play.

The Player must indicate to the Dealer, his intent to surrender. Surrendering is not allowed on a Dealer blackjack.

The hand signal to surrender: place your hand palm up and move your fingers backward and forward a few times.

A Player may split cards of equal value including aces creating up to four hands - hitting and doubling of split hands including aces is allowed. Bonus 21 payouts are paid on split hands. Splitting or doubling voids the Super Bonus.


A Player may Double Down once with two or more cards, on any total even after splitting. When doubling, a Player can place any wager up to a maximum of his original bet. Bonus 21 payouts are not paid on doubled hands (see Bonus 21 Payouts below).


If after doubling, a Player is dissatisfied with his non-busted hand, he may rescue or take back the doubled portion of his bet and forfeit his original wager. A double down rescue removes the Player from the current round of play.
Spanish 21 also features nine different Bonus 21 Payouts. Remember, doubling voids all Bonus 21 Payouts.


Cards Suit Payout
5 Card 21 3 - 2
6 Card 21 2 - 1
7+ Card 21 3 - 1
6-7-8 Mixed Suit 3 - 2
6-7-8 Same Suit 2 - 1
6-7-8 Spades Only 3 - 1
7-7-7 Mixed Suit 3 - 2
7-7-7 Same Suit 2 - 1
7-7-7 Spades Only 3 - 1


Spanish 21 also pays a Super Bonus of up to $5000 to the winner and $50 to every other betting Player!

A Super Bonus occurs when the Player holds suited 7-7-7 and the Dealer draws 7 (any suit). A bet of $5 to $24 pays $1000. A bet of $25 or more pays $5000.
When a Super Bonus occurs, the Envy Bonus of $50 is paid to all other betting Players at the table, no side bet required. Splitting and doubling voids Super Bonus.


In addition to the regular bet, a Player can bet on the possibility that either of his first two cards will exactly match the Dealer's up card in rank. Matches can be suited or non-suited with five possible payouts.

In addition to the Spanish 21 bet, a Player can make a Match the Dealer wager by placing a bet in the Match the Dealer betting area. The minimum Match the Dealer bet is $1, the maximum is the amount of the regular Spanish 21 bet up to a maximum of $50. Once all bets and Match bets are made, the Dealer will issue each Player two cards face up and himself two cards, one face up. If either of your two cards match the Dealer's up card, the player wins! All Match the Dealer bets are settled before the start of the Spanish 21 round.


Cards Payout
1 non-suited match 3:1
2 non-suited match 6:1
1 suited match 12:1
1 non-suited match & 1 suited match 15:1
2 suited matches 24:1